Wines of Audacity

Domaine Perganson produces an evolving range of vibrant, creative wines… micro-cuvees, innovative wines, rare grape varieties, audacious blends, natural wines, wines with no added sulphites… Each wine is born of the pioneering spirit of the people that work in the vines and make the wine… the fruit of an experiment, an idea, a test, a prototype, a vision. Instilled with the greatest respect for nature and the importance of adapting to its rhythm, they are the champions of less is more.

This wine is the culmination of many long years of work on the reduction of sulphites. We no longer use sulphites in any of our winemaking procedures, and in 2017 we wanted to go even further and test eliminating the use of sulphites for stabilizing the wine during ageing. Yeasts produce sulphites naturally during alcoholic fermentation, which accounts for the tiny quantity that can still be found in the wine.

This vat with no added sulphites, which was intended for blending to reduce the overall level of sulphites, proved to be so astonishingly fresh, delightful and balanced that we chose to bottle it just as it was, without any barrel ageing or fining. It is ready to drink now, and its ageing potential remains as yet untested…

In recognition of its originality, we have chosen a series of labels for this wine, six in all, that represent innovative experiments in history, with each carton containing the entire collection.

Experience for yourself this ground-breaking wine in all its pure simplicity, produced from a vineyard whose origins go back three centuries.


• Terra Vitis
• High Environmental Value



Cellaring:Ready to drink, may be cellared for 2 to 5 years.

Serving Temperature:18°C

Parcels:“La Bergerie” planted in 1967 and “La Gravière” planted en 1968.

Quantity:2,800 bottles

Blend:67% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 3% Petit Verdot

Winemaking and ageing:Made without the addition of sulphites by perfect control of oxygen levels during the entire process right up to bottling.


Harvest date:30 September