A committed future

Men create châteaux. The Earth creates wine.

In 1719 the historic terroir of Domaine de Perganson was the audacious venture of Jean-Pierre de Pontet. It has become the trailblazing estate of Vignobles de Larose, a tribute to the Earth, and to History. Respect for nature, for man… commitment to a healthy economy that profits everyone… the way in which the Médoc makes wine must change. It is time to invent the solutions of tomorrow.

The lessons
of history

At Domaine Perganson we are conscious that faced with the vagaries of nature and the upheavals of history, all ambitions are fragile. When we see the fate of County Tchernoff who caused the ruin of the chateau in his desire to transform it into a dairy farm, we understand that audacity only works when it is coupled with an understanding of nature. To endure over time, we need to understand our environment and anticipate its evolution. The glimpse that we have of what the future holds forces respect: for the earth, for plant life, for men and women in the workplace, for the trust of our customers, in all our actions.

The responsibility
of man

From the year 2000, the management team committed to a policy of corporate, social and environmental responsibility, becoming exemplary in the field and inspiring the creation of the Responsible Vineyards Charter.. By choosing the wines of Domaine Perganson you are choosing wines that respect man and nature, produced with meticulous attention to the environment and to health, with the guarantee of a huge reduction in inputs, in both the vineyard and the cellar.

Creativity at work

To survive is to adapt. To adapt is to change. Wine is a living product that springs from nature and also evolves and adapts, all through its life. Wine varies, responds, changes depending on the conditions in which it finds itself. It is a formidable vector for creativity. At Vignobles de Larose, we believe that it is through this creativity, this fluidity, that we will construct a better world. That is why we are constantly experimenting… changing our vineyard practices to reduce treatments in the vines and protect biodiversity, planting new grape varieties that can adapt to climate change, producing audacious blends, eliminating sulphites. Our cellars are like laboratories, and Domaine Perganson offers you the opportunity to experience these amazing wines. A tribute to the memory of the visionary Pierre de Pontet and our history.