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1719: Jean-Pierre de Pontet, the King’s advisor in Bordeaux, was one of the pioneers of planting in the Médoc. He chose the land at Perganson to establish his vineyards. Some 300 years later, the stones of his château have been lost in the mists of time but its heart and soul, the wine of Château Larose-Perganson, has survived and flourished. Iconoclastic and innovative, with an eye firmly on the future, Perganson dares to create the unexpected and offer a glimpse of the wines of tomorrow.

Sustainable viticulture, for both man and vineyard
As forerunners in the field, all our estates are certified High Environmental Value.

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Wines of Audacity

In honour of the pioneering spirit that has always animated Domaine Perganson, the estate produces an evolving range of visionary, forward-looking wines… micro-cuvees, innovative wines, unusual grape varieties, audacious blends… Perganson is the latest secret of fans of the avant-garde.

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Château Larose Perganson

Château Larose-Perganson is an Haut Médoc of masterful tradition that is a testimonial to an intact terroir. In spite of the disappearance of its château in the aftermath of the war, it continued to live. For as long as its terroir is respected it will go on producing wine of unparalleled elegance… an Haut Médoc that is timeless and immutable.

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Once upon a time...

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L'EXPERIENCE of Domaine Perganson

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Vignobles de Larose and its Neighbours: 2020 information campaign

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